Tuesday, June 16, 2009


tuesday has been sorta lame overall.  did some reading for dissertation, made some notes, avoiding actually writing.  made jamie oliver's fish pie which turned out pretty well but i didn't have quite enough potatoes i don't think.  will try again and i think it will be fab.  plus, i'm just annoyed that i have no access to fresh fish.  this town is real bullshit in some regards.

did 55 min of cardio blast yesterday and adam the funny instructor pretty much kicked my ass.  and it was hot as balls in there!  two fans are not air conditioning, purdue co-rec peeps.  and thirty chicks doing double grapevines, some kind of highland step action, pony kicks and robin hoods (don't ask) does not a comfortable exercise environment make.  tho i did almost pass out i was so tired.  so good job there.  unless it was just the lack of ventilation...

so, yeah, i'm cranky.  i just ate too many chocolate covered cranberries, there are lots of dishes to wash, and i feel unproductive.  add to that the fact that it has been a whole MONTH since my spinal tap and still no word on results.  my doctor insists that the lab hasn't finished the tests, but i guess it's time to start pestering.  i mean, the longer it takes the more freaked out i get every time the phone rings.  a-holes.  

will perk up soon tho, i'm sure.  i've got stuff to look forward to like the p's return trip with beckett, our plans to hike at turkey run, one day the sky will stop raining raindrops, and some day i'll figure out how to avoid going to the grocery store every god damned day for one stupid thing or another.  

also, i have a headache that won't go away.

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