Monday, June 1, 2009

healthers, not so healthers

so i started today with my once a year guilty pleasure, the mcdonald's breakfast.  it happens once a road trip and it is DELICIOUS .  two hashbrowns, one biscuit with cheese/no meat, a medium coffee.  i do not apologize for the mcdonald's b-fast.

but to make up for it (emotionally), i raw shopped my ass off at trader joe's and the oro valley safeway.  coconut water, raw almond butter, various organic lettuces, dried flattened bananas, stevia packets, &c.  

and orange roughy, which was not raw but which i made my dad grill.  then i made him make his famous caesar and open a bottle of red and a bottle of champagne.  which shot the healthiness to shit, so why not have some ice cream with magic shell?  oh, magic shell?  why, yes. yes, please.

tomorrow is a new day!  it will start with a green smoothie, involve swisher, reading monica bhide's modern spice: inspired indian flavors for the contemporary kitchen, shopping for a better dress to wear to sarah's wedding, and working on the toast i'm supposed to give (ahem,  it will be totally charming by next friday, i'm sure).

also tomorrow i will be swimming in my new cheap but darling bather suit purchased at the j.c. penney cuz i forgot my two nice ones at homes and couldn't bear the thought of buying another +$100 effing suit.  so there it is.  i'm gonna wash it in color safe bleach twenty times because i don't trust mall shoppers (i know somebody puts those bikini bottoms on without knickers, i know it!  half of tucson is on meth, people!) but then everything is gonna be FINE.  and CLEAN really really CLEAN. 

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