Monday, June 8, 2009

happy girl

isn't that just the happiest beckett face you ever saw?  both me and the b are happy girls.  the wedding weekend was a whirlwind of good.  got back to arizona yesterday in the early evening and picked up beckett from her very awesome dog watchers who gave me a cd full of beckett pix.  pretty damn cute.  it appears as tho she had a lovely time.  

and i had such a beautiful time in san diego that it might take a few posts to clear it out of my brain.  i even managed to food poison myself (or some other, gross equivalent) and still had happiness.  the big events were pretty much flawless and even the little things (like splitting a pot of tea and multigrain toast with miller on sunday morning) seemed movie-perfect.  mills and i sat outside the living room cafe in old town under a canopy of trees in the cool san diego morning looking at palm trees and iglesia-goers and everything was quiet and sweet.

so, before i put myself to bed (to get ready for another 8 am hike), here are some of the little things.  if you don't know these people or don't care, you're gonna have to do some skipping.

lorena wears a delicate gold 'L' necklace now that is beautiful and subtle but proud.  sarah's brothers love her like crazy and show it in that boy way that doesn't use a lot of words but is more abt ecstatic dancing and telling a million stories and looking at her with amazingly sweet eyes.  christy has a long turquoise blue dress with silver decolletage that looks like it was made out of the ocean.  hasmig looks profoundly happy.  when ciana goes in the ocean she lets her dark red hair get its wild curls back and it's like something people base whole novels around.   christine's red hair is lighter and is always smooth and perfect like a commercial.  kim and her husband are so totally in love with each other that i hope and hope a marriage that mutually adoring is possible for all of us.  deanna has more energy and laughs inside her than i can comprehend and i've known her for going on 32 years.  russell is even fun to be around when he is overwhelmed with work and stressbombs.  my mom looked precious in her green and black dress and a woman asked abt my dad by calling him 'the handsome man in the corner.'  when we told him, he said 'bullshit.'

and that's not even a fraction of the weekend!  there's still miller and i dancing at the chee chee at last call in our party dresses while all the old men at the bar turned around to watch.  there's all the seashells i scooped up to bring home to indiana, just so i could have something of the beach.  there's jack's downtown apartment overlooking the baseball diamond and hand-made tortillas and ocean water and la jolla.  

well, i raise a big old bottle of pellegrino to wedding weekends and to friends who are 'as good as spring itself' -- to steal a line from lorena who stole it from hem. 


Trouble said...

there should be a "like" button for blog posts.


jen said...

oh yay thanks! i already miss that weekend like crazy. it was so fun to see you guys!