Saturday, June 13, 2009


work hard/play hard summer officially started on thursday and began with something more like a mild bloop!  instead of a bang!  really, i've not accomplished much of anything since i've been back in the midwest.  i did drop a money bomb on trader joe's yesterday and i did spend a chunk of time at the apple store attempting to right my wonky internet.  dave the genius at the genius bar managed to get things running a bit more quickly so i guess that's a win.  and buying up half of trader joe's was fun.  so was FINALLY finding coconut water at the whole foods in indy.

but now it's time to get suuurious abt school.  i've got the panics and i don't want them.  so here are some of the plans i've got to make the summer a productive one:

1.  accomplish at least one bureaucratic and one school related goal every day.
2.  weekdays are for dissertation, weekends are for job market materials
3.  exercise five days a week
4.  at least one raw meal every day, one new recipe a week

i picked up modern spice by monica bhide while i was in arizona and there are a ton of recipes i'm excited to try.  i made vegan chili pea puffs on thursday and also cilantro-mint chutney and both were pretty successful.  the chili pea puffs are just green peas, serrano chilis, garlic, and tofu (or paneer) tucked into won ton wrappers and then either baked or steamed.  i did both and i can't wait to experiment further with different veg versions.  next up is either a spicy fish fry with tomatillo-red pepper chutney or this eggplant tomato indian ratatouille kind of deal.  very excited.

so i'm going to start using the old blog to track my summer progress.  that way, i have some kind of accountability for the high levels of fun, work, and fitness i want to achieve in what remains of my summer.  i had a beautiful vacation that totally hit my reset button and i think a few days of nesting around the apartment has helped me adjust to being back in shitsville, usa.

i have brand-new new balances, a huge green smoothie, and a pile of books on the material culture/body theory.  it's time to motherfucking make this happen.

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