Sunday, June 28, 2009

begin again

feeling rather low today, prolly because i'm a touch hungover and haven't got much done in the way of work.  

raven's birthday party yesterday was out of control kinds of fun with a moon bounce castle, wading pools, midwestern bean bag game and some other game involving ping pong balls linked together by string which you throw at some pvc pipes.  i didn't play that game.  we also had an awesome obstacle course game that involved tasks like kissing raven, running around the house, somersaulting, taking a shot, and putting sunscreen on yr teammates.  so there was lots of healthy running around, giggling and tomfoolery.  there was also a lot of snacky eating, boca burger consumption, and very many cocktails.  

absolutely goes on the list of best parties ever.  certainly healthier and happier than the insane mansion party in denia thrown by the 17 year old maniac german girl.  also healthier and happier than uncle bob's wake, but that one did involve impromptu bagpiper, father cursing at policeman, and mom taking a slug of scotch straight out of the bottle -- oh wait, that was russell's 21st birthday party.  one of these days, i'm going to write out these parties so that i can maybe capture some of the energy and crazy.

okay, there's no reason to feel depressed now.  tomorrow is a bright and clean slate monday morning and the week can be full of healthiness, sunshine, and love.

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