Tuesday, May 5, 2009


well, there have been a series of nice evenings of which the most magical was probably saturday night with mariachi band and two dollar tecates at the black sparrow.  it was really something, actually, and i don't have 'really something' nights that often in this particular town.  there were couples dancing up front, like real dancing with turns and spirals and hip shakes.  the band serenaded our table and basically knocked vicky and i out of chairs so that we had to dance and then they went and played for the cooks in the back and there was shrieking and wooting and hollering and a guy in a for reals, embellished sombrero.  everyone was clapping and cheering and downing the drink specials right and left.  i woke up sunday morning with that vague raw-lipness from too much salt on the rim of my tecate.  v did say that lime and salt belong on everything and i'm inclined to believe.

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