Thursday, May 14, 2009

take that back

taken turned out to be way lamer than i had hoped.  it was, like, half a movie.  or a few good ideas for a movie and then no actual movie.  the ending SUCKED and nothing really came together.  so, whatever, guess my perfect action movie doesn't really exist.  bourne series came close, but they have the camera ish and the 10 minute-nobody-gives-a-shit-anymore car chases.

today i slept in and read a little and decided not to go to my student's memorial service.  instead, i took a long evening walk at celery bog and said my goodbyes on my own.  as an atheist and a disliker of social pleasantries, i think i would have felt a faker had i attended the ceremony.  so i walked and ran a little and listened to cat power's cover of 'breathless' over and over for an hour and i don't think anyone noticed that i was crying underneath my cheap target sunglasses on the way back to my car.  and who cares if they did.

then showered and made chili and corn bread and a green salad which i enjoyed with some rosenblum cab.  now to looking at some chapter drafts and trying to ignore my neighbor as he throws darts into the wall that divides us.  thunk    thunk   thunkthunk clack      thunk   thunkthunk           thunk       thunk.

man, i need to move out of this place.  he's been shouting at some dog he's watching too -- NOOOOOOOOO!  NOOOOOOOO!  FUCK!  STOP IT!  douchebag.  the dog stopped listening 10 minutes ago. 

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