Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not terrible but not my favorite thing either

so i got the mri results today and they're inconclusive.  i have some spots on my brain (who knew?) that weren't visible in my last mri two years ago.  but there's a good chance that they're nothing and they're just visible now b/c the mri machine this time was much more sensitive than last time.

doctor said i can wait six months and see if the spots grow or i can have a spinal tap and know right away.  so i have a spinal tap in my near future.  there's no way i want to sit around for six months imagining myself with ms.  not happening.  much rather have somebody stick a big ass needle into by back bone.  altho, ICK, that gives me the fucking creepy crawlers when i think abt it.

but no dwelling, i've promised myself.  i'll just do what i need to do and be a grown up.  it is what it is, right?  better to face it now if it's something bad.

tonight i watched true blood and picked up a girl crush on anna paquin as sookie stackhouse.  she's all short skirts and dyed blonde hair and sort of broke, southern charm.  plus there's vampire romance and telepathy.  so now i'm going to drink some pellegrino, do a little work, and then put true blood back on until it's very early morning.

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