Wednesday, May 27, 2009

minor pain and inspiration

spinal tap went smoothly yesterday and wasn't really all that painful.  the almost-worst was waiting to get wheeled into the procedure room and the really-worst was the tugging feeling when they put the needle in and took it out.  i also hated how, as soon as they inserted the needle and started draining spinal fluid, my whole body got really hot and flushed, i felt immediately clammy and then there were these weird involuntary muscle twitches happening in my lower back and stomach.  i don't think body likes to have its bones fucked with.

anyway, it is OVER and i've slept like a jillion hours and no headache and just some general back soreness.  i've been feeling pretty depressed tho lately and some of it has to do with the possible MS situation and some of it has to do with my current work/life schedule that has turned me into a kind of vampire.  i've been working all night and sleeping all day and haven't had any time for exercise or fresh air.  it's time to upright the world.

some steps include: 

1. taking a motherfucking break from indiana.  my parents arrive tomorrow and we start our out-west drive on saturday.  before we leave, we'll see what fun activities there are to hit up in this town and then we'll visit maize for a nice dinner out.  then it's AZ and CA for sun, tan, wedding, beach, pool, friends, fam action.

2. general health restructuring.  i got a good thing started a while ago by going to Purdue's gym and focusing on eating more fruits, veg, and fish.  (i've lost 12 pounds even!)  but i want to step it up, especially in light of health concerns.  so i'm going to try to incorporate a decent amount of raw vegan into my eating and all the free co-rec classes i can into my exercisin.  

a girl i went to high school with and hardly knew (now FB friend, of course, cuz that's how FB works) just posted a note abt her blog which focuses on her attempts to go high raw vegan.  her body is, plainly put, sick ass hot.  she lives in hawaii, grows cool shit in her garden, surfs, cooks, writes out her recipes, and food diaries.  her blog makes me want to let lots of air into my house and eat crunchy green stuff. (  i'm totally motivated.

i've realized that i (happily) organize my life around Health, Happiness, and Success.  usually, they all coexist nicely, mutually informing each other.  sometimes, tho, one of them gets out of hand and the others suffer for it.  so, right now, success is taking a backseat to H&H and it will just have to sort it's own ass out along the way.

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