Wednesday, May 13, 2009


feeling better.  my student has a memorial service tomorrow that i think i'll go to.  i'm a little hesitant abt crying in front of her poor mother tho, so we'll see.  

i enjoyed the majority of a ray's station cabernet tonight with some pineapple pizza and taken.  who knew i'd find liam neeson to be a credible action star?  and i totally do.  we haven't finished it yet and i'm just relishing the ass kickings that he's about to give.   i LOVE a well-done action/fight movie.  decent plot development and characterization + one on one fight scenes = maje filmic swoon for yrs truly.  i think part of my love is that it's actually really hard to do.  there's always the drawn out car chase snooze scenario or there's too much shaky camera so you can't actually see the fightin or there's the transporter ranunculus action sequence.  but pretty much so far, so good with taken.  plus, it takes place in the france (romantique) and there's famke janssen involvement.  if i could pick facial features, they would be similar to hers -- nice, strong features:  a big nose, big eyes, and a firm but not mannish jaw line.  to me that is so beautiful and haunting and ages incredibly well.

in other news, i got my student evals back today and nearly had a heart attack while scrolling down for the results.  i get so nervous!  i try so hard and i work so hard at these damn classes! very good, overall.  for the 'i would rate this instructor': a 4.8 for composition class and a 4.9 for great american books class.  and then similarly high marks for the 'this class challenges me to think' (of huge importance to me).  also, some nice comments abt my general teaching skillz of which i have been in serious doubt this semester.  very happy, tho i miss my 5.0s.  i plan on being back in the game next semester tho and i've got plans.

PLANS.  this is the summer, y'all.

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