Thursday, May 28, 2009

i need to read something that doesn't glow

too much computer time for jb.  my eyes feel weird for a minute or two when they look at the world outside my screen.  this is not good.  but vacay is coming quick quick and i will spend a decent amount of it with the good old traditional love of my life books.  i love the weight and permanence of a nice hefty hardcover (i know it will be with me forever).  and what real reader doesn't love the broken spine of a paperback?  all of my books have lovingly dog-eared pages, scrawly underlines, grocery lists, random phone numbers, daily plans, and these weird half star/half circle things that i've made since high school when i especially like something.  i live in my books and they're little unrepeatable individuals to me.  it is time to pick up a book.

feeling much more emotionally sunny today.  hung with the parents and got some sandwich dinner, walked around downtown with mums, watched a 30 rock rerun in their hotel room.  i've also got some big plans for the future health which includes outdoor activities and new recipes.  list of goal recipes thus far:

- a variety of veg/vegan dim sum with corresponding dipping sauces
- homemade juices/smoothies of the extraordinarily healthful variety
- spicy black bean soup
- chopped thai salad 
- spinach and interesting cheese quesadilla with salsa roja

also haven't had a drink since monday, so a big fat glass of red sounds just abt perfect to me right now.

'for a new goal also a new means--namely, a new health, stronger, more seasoned, tougher, more audacious, and gayer than any previous health.' -f.n.

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