Saturday, May 23, 2009

i must admit, i do love summer in the midwest

especially a midwestern summer night.  and it's just starting to get magical out there.  not quite humid yet, but warm enough to walk beckett in shorts and a t-shirt -- even at 2 in the morning.  hard to believe that just a few months ago, i was putting on boots and a down coat.

lumbar puncture set for tuesday at 1pm, so please to be sending me your best and most sunny vibes.  i'm nervous as hell.  really, every time i think abt a needle in my spine, i want to puke.  but it's happening and i gotta reconcile myself to that.  will spend the next few days reconciling.  or in serious 'i'm not here, this isn't happening' levels of denial until i get some local anesthesia on the lower back regions.

but wine, pizza, and true blood (um, LOVE IT.  esp the lafayette character and the rene character.  someone watch this show and discuss it with me) will keep me going till then.

and work!  doing some work!

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