Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fish sticks and sweethearts

working, writing, cooking, waiting for mri results that never come, starting to work out at the gym again, staying up too late, sleeping too late.  that's what i do now.  best things have been whole wheat banana bread, baked ratatouille with gruyere, and a second installment of homemade fish sticks (they may sound gross, but they are not).

i'm tired and i've been thinking myself in circles with this school stuff.  time to get on a normal schedule and write normal.  no more squirreling around with wordsmithing until i'm floating around in the clouds with plato's forms of imaginary perfect sentences or whatever.

more coherent thoughts later.  it's 4:21am here and i'm fading fast.  back to semblance of normalcy soon!

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