Sunday, April 26, 2009

okay, check it

i need to have an awesome summer.  

i didn't do half the shit i wanted to do this year (another reason for the murky depresh i've presented as of late).  but i have started the momentum on some cool shit -- like the exercisin, the losing almost 10 lbs, some extra funding, a potential publication (!) thanks to that fantasy conference, &c.  but it's nothing if i don't keep moving.  and i can't keep moving when i don't have a decent amount of balance with fun and adventures and feeling like this is the kind of life i want to live.  

so, yeah, i can't afford to live in barcelona this summer like i'd want.  but i can afford to buy a summer pass to tropicanoe cove, go to all the free co-rec classes i can (and the outdoor yoga class i'd have to pay for), and spend some quality hangout time with my west coast peeps.  so i need to deserve those things and enjoy those things to the thoreau/?/camus levels that i want to.  (that 3/4 bottle of clos du bois cab hasn't gone to my head enough to clarify that '?,' btw.  not in a public forum anyway.)  

i guess i'm saying that it's time for me to gear up for a work hard/play hard summer.  i want to rally some indiana tennis troops, drink cold beer outside, write my goddamned dissertation as well as that paper or two to send off for pblshng, make the best 60s mix you ever heard, finish decorating my bedroom, have what could actually qualify as 'guns,' come to terms with frown lines, continue to be an awesome girlfriend, be a better girl friend to a few of the extraordinary girls i've met in the midwest, and internalize the concept of summer such that it radiates from me not like harsh rays of sun but like the ineluctable sparkling of sour gummy candy lit from the inside.

are you in or are you in?

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