Tuesday, April 28, 2009

oddly beautiful day

this is a crazy octopus that decorates an organic cotton t at topo ranch -- totally fell in love with it today, along with several of their other shirts.  discovered these while deciding that i will make my parents visit phoenix with me to eat at pizzeria bianco and enjoy some warm weather and some apparently quite awesome pizza.  

also fell in love with set of gelatin recipes and photos (!) in this month's martha mag. they are beautiful!  like squishy fruit dreams.  she also convinced me that i need to make my mom a 'chandelier' made of ribbons and that i should find a way to incorporate ornamental grasses into my life.  while it's no domino, i'm definitely smitten with the may issue.

so, obviously, i spent today at borders scooping up magazines.  i've also been listening to telepathe, yyys, and m.ward all day b/c i'm going thru some kind of contemporary dance pop synth moment.  tho m.ward is more country-fied than the other two.

enjoyed another current obsession today for lunch which is black beans and rice with homemade mango salsa.  little bit of sour cream and some hot sauce.  totally.

okay, that's all i needed to share for the moment.  now back to writing that final exam...


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