Saturday, April 11, 2009

a little dress obsess

went on second run of the bearable running weather season and it was certainly better than the inaugural run, but generally not great. i'm so damn happy that i can actually put on shorts and go run around outside that i really don't care.

since it's beginning to really feel like spring (and i have a few worthy events), i've been spending far too much time online browsing dresses.  mostly salesies, of course. also, i'm just .5 pounds away from having lost 10 whole pounds. this makes me feel deserving of a new dress. or two. and birthday's just around the corner, so mummydaddy might get an email abt one of these guys...

ralph lauren:



diane von furstenburg:

ella moss:

most of them fit with my futuristic-sport-bitch summer look, so that's cool.  maybe i should look for something sweeter tho; i do have a wedding to go to. 

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