Monday, April 20, 2009

just couldn't breathe with yr throne on my chest

yes, it's me, student research paper proposals, and furnace room lullaby tonight.  all pretty good actually.  i'm getting papers on the twilight series, gossip girl, gum disease, and the octomom, among other things.  should be an interesting finals week.  i also get the american lit papers on weds.  time to gear up for maje paper grading weekend.

it's funny how neko case attaches herself to a weird variety of times in my life. furnace room lullaby in particular.  driving around chicago in lincoln's cj-7, going to all manner of bars and lounging around in his hyde park apartment.  then, a year later it was getting over some major life disappointments, living in norcal with the parents after a wild and draining summer in spain.  i would go running late at night in the suburbs, in that cool night air with honeysuckle and heartsickness and "south tacoma way" was the first song on the playlist i ran to.  i really can't hear it anymore without being sucked right back onto norris canyon road at 11pm full of total soul sickness and that little dash of ambition.

now in a weirder physical locale but a much better emotional space, fighting off nostalgia over 'bought and sold.'  

thank all that is good in the world that people can change and that we can make choices that lead our lives off in a million wild directions.  if i had to live the rest of my life teaching at dvc and trying to get that guy at the dog park to fall in love with me, i'd be so fucking miserable.

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