Wednesday, April 8, 2009

insist on yourself; never imitate.

called 17 yr old jen up from the past-jen depths and rediscovered my interest in the transcendentalists (they're half right, after all).  so it's all thoreau and emerson and their romantic poet influences around the brain space these days.  also, how to make walden interesting to these kids?  i did not help things by playing THE MOST BORING WALDEN VIDEO EVER in class today.  i did it to them, i really did.  sheer laziness on my part, honestly.  it was 25 min of nature vid and some droneyass, dryass dude reading thoreau in a really bloodless earnest monotone.  terrible.

will try to resuscitate on fri with some robin-williams-in-dead-poets style vigor and 'fuck the man!  romantic poets/whacked out early american nature lovers/etc are the shit!'.  although i fear that walden vid is going to preclude any oh captain, my captain desk standin action.  man, i really want to be a good teacher.  i have it in me; it's not there yet, but i can feel it.  i'm really going to be good at this one day.

of course, all this is written in some serious procrastinations over grading.  (i make scowly face at pile of papers sitting in metal bin to my left).

and i'm exhausted!  turbo kick sucked the life out of me this a.m.  plus i had a nice glass of rendition zin with my dinner, so i'm all relaxed and sleepy and grading sounds like some unknown circle of hell.  so, leave it till tomorrow!  i'll be a nicer grader then anyway.

things i love right now that i never used to love or loved very long ago and rediscovered:

tuna melts (had one today!)
papaya with lime
mini baby bell gouda cheese
cut off or cropped cargo pants

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