Sunday, April 19, 2009

in weekend

was swell, if uneventful.  tidied the apartment, hung some twinkle lights upstairs, read a magazine, and made some very tasty (and healthful!) mahi mahi panko-crusted fish sticks.  another giada recipe that turned out well.  i'm so into the fish cooking lately, obvs.  and this one required that i, like, cut up raw fish into smaller raw fish bits and then handle those bits while covering them in egg whites n bread crumbs n shit.  big leaps and bounds for the formerly very squeamish vegetarian of 14 years.  and i'm not having any kind of identity implosion or anything either.  i often wondered how attached i was to vegetarianism, even tho i never really held moral feelings abt the animal eatin.  turns out not so much.  not that i'm even contemplating eating anything other than fish.  i guess that means i am still attached.  but i suppose 14 years of any behavior has to have some big ties to your sense of self.  

in terms of work, i've been a very lazy bastard since thursday.  i did poke around in the arcades project b/c director told me to.  then i went so far as to open my chapter two document where i typed two sentences worth of notes to myself.  then i decided i'd work on altering these two shirts from j.crew i bought and can't wear because they're too low cut.  so i sewed some shit and now i think they're wearable.  i know that's not work work, but i did stab myself in the fingers a couple times with the needle.  that's gotta count for something.


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