Saturday, April 4, 2009


friday night in! saturday night out!

i usually prefer the opposite (fno/sni), because of my aversion to the sunday hangover. but what are you gonna do?  anyway, nice weekend.  spent friday night watching telly, eating pasta with zucchini, and cuddling on couch with the bf.  spent saturday night enjoying a little guinness at the nine irish brothers.  of course after three guinness i wanted to stay out and go to the black sparrow but everyone else was all aguafiestas and wanted to go home. sigh. but i stopped at speedway and got snacks and now i'm drinking some wine and eating hot n' spicy chex mix looking forward to some late night bsg with pretty baby. (btw, i've gotta take back part of my love for the starbuck b/c she's been lame beyond any kind of recognition lately. dummy.)

back in love with my life.  no more muck.  had a huge day in teaching on fri in which i almost totally cried but did not.  def out of breath and weird talking tho, trying to deal with very deeply held personal beliefs and navigating political/social/philosophical ish.  at first i felt like everyone in the class looked straight fucking down, like 'not gonna deal with this!' but then it turned into probably the most interesting and animated discussion i've had in years.  teaching is a ridiculously personal and draining job when you let it be.

also lost the lifemuck feeling b/c how can you have this dog and not be a super happy?


dog-friend is the cuddliest snoriest best reminder that everything is lovely and perfect.  nothing like a total wigglesworth excited furball jumping all over you when you come home to remind you that innocent happiness exists.  now if only i had a house and i could get a cat-friend!

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