Wednesday, April 1, 2009

existential upper?

wow, that turbo kick lady wasn't messing around this morning.  abt thirty minutes in, my face already beet red and the rest of me feeling generally melty and gaspy, she goes 'are you ready to get TURBO?' and then all manner of hopping, quick punching, and kicking happened.  and, while i might not have been the most coordinated turbo kicker, i did manage to keep going.  so yay for that.  i just finished half a pack of strawberry sour punch tho, so i may have undid something...

tomorrow is another writing day, so i'm trying to mentally prepare for the brain horror that will undoubtedly be getting back into the chapter.  NOT looking forward to that hard work.  would rather move away to spain.  maybe on the costa brava somewhere?  maybe downtown barcelona or in the middle of madrid or san sebastian?  all preferable.  iris murdoch's ghosty presence needs to come round and be a beneficent spirit.  i'm dragging feets and dragging soul.  

the word 'morass' keeps hovering on the outskirts of my consciousness.  ever get word-haunted?  happens to me occasionally.  this one is eerily spot-on.

must plan a way out of the emotional muck.  unfortunately, transporter 3 and sour gummy candies did not work.  this is a dire situation indeed.


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