Sunday, April 12, 2009

champagne nap

really wanted a champagne nap today after an extended easter brunch involving, i'm sure, at least a bottle of champers for jb.  i think we took down something like 10 bottles by the time i left.  would have kept going too if i didn't have work to attend to.  but attend to work i did, and i'm probably the better for it.  still sleepy, but no hangover and no headache.

brunch was really rockin and tons of fun.  there were games that involved running around and hunting eggs (with the occasional nasty note stuffed inside.  i got 'i took a poll and it's been confirmed. nobody likes you.'  there was also, 'hey, pencil dick.' and something abt 'slutsy.')  you know, a very traditional easter.  there were muffins and bagels and cheesy hashbrown goodness and mimosas, tortilla espanola, bloody mary makins.  with a little royal tenenbaums in the background, it was a very merry and laugh-filled sunday all around.

then class prep, late night pizza, and now some food-oriented regrets on my part.  no real regrets tho.  listening to m.ward and looking forward to a monster ass kicking from the tkb instructor tomorrow morning.  i need it.

what a glowy, lovely sunshine day here in small town indiana.

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