Sunday, April 5, 2009

birth of the cool

still in major jazz mode around here.  ever since on the road i can't seem to get enough.  miles davis and charlie parker have totally got my heart. tho now it's blitz! gets mixed in.  

i am super exhausted and i haven't even done much to deserve it.  still need to finish all my thoreau reading for tomorrow blah.  man, i haven't picked up walden since high school.  wonder how it's going to run through my brain now that i'm all older and stuff.  but that 'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!' kind of writing never gets old for a girl like me.

i had a nice bit of grocery shopping today and, since i'm all over the mahi mahi these days, am planning a blackened/grilled mahi mahi sandwich with spicy coleslaw for tomorrow's dinner.  we'll see how that works, but i'm excited.  

also dropped a decent amount of change at dick's sports (why do i keep calling it 'dick's last resort?') on workout biz.  got some boring-but-useful grey shorts for turbo kick, a hot pink sigg bottle (so ecochic!), and this futuristic white nike windbreaker thing that, in my estimation, is pretty awesome.  this makes me want to get my whole futuristic sportif summer look on.  stella mccartney for adidas calls my name -- weirdass sporty gear with way to many folds and angles in all manner of greys and pales LIKIN IT.

part of this is due to the general welcome-to-the-gun-show nature of bsg these days.  srsly, season three is essentially about how everyone has really great arms.

i want really great arms too!

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