Thursday, April 9, 2009

all in all up and up

to steal a line from brother bear.  today was a solidly good day: finished v for vendetta in 106 and when it ended i heard one 'that was fucking awesome' and several 'yeahs' from some people who hadn't seen it before.  then i met with the eternally deadpan and cool beyond cool 'schedule deputy' j.ware and got a 2:30pm 106 class for fall 2009 (awesome).  then i checked my department mailbox and got a summer prf grant (w00t for serious. tho if i didn't get it i would have been confused b/c it's really subject to your progress rather than being really competitive).  then i skipped crazy balls class at the gym.  sweetness and light all around.  

plus we had organic whole wheat crust cheese pizza with pineapple + the rest of the rendition zin for dinners.  and pizza always makes me happy.  

so now back to the walden which i vow to make alive and breathing for class tomorrow.  

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