Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the wanting comes in waves

a little irritable tonight.  mostly because i'm tired, but also because of spaced-out, bored looking students today.  that always gets to me and then i stew around all night trying to figure out how to fix it.  do i threaten reading quiz?  do i wear something wacky and hop around like a clown?  do i pretend like it's not there in the hopes that it will pass like some weird wave of spring fever?  or do i devise the best lecture/discussion that ever existed in the world and then stun them out of early spring apathy with my astounding wit and inspirational quotations?  

unfortunately, maybe, i always choose the last one and then exhaust myself.  but i've got to let it go now.  enough stewing.

tonight i made a nicoise salad from an ellie krieger recipe and it was tasty and healthy feelin.  also made another of her recipes yesterday -- stir fried chinese cabbage which was pretty good.  it's probably not cool for a person to eat almost a whole head of cabbage, but whatever, no adverse side effects as of yet.

went to the purdue gym with raves on tuesday (my first time ever inside the gym in four years of purdue schoolin) and it was a balance of pretty painful and pretty do-able.  so i plan to go back for more.  time to mix up the exercise routine and do something different.

man, i really am in a foul mood.  nothing is making me happy and now i'm irritable at having written a boring post.  the answer probably is not doing the dishes, but i think that's what i'm going to go do.  they're sitting there irritating the crap out of me anyway.


aev said...

how awesome is the female vocalist on that track???

jen said...

definitely awesome. i'm digging the whole album.