Sunday, March 1, 2009

this tornado loves you

not really a human tornado or nothin this weekend.  mostly still dealing with severe lack of motivation.  dealt with by buying several bowls and a serving dish and a souffle dish while in indy on saturday.  all reasonably priced and useable in many different ways.  granted, most of them are hanging out on my chest of drawers, holding jewelry.  but they can easily be turned into kitchen gear, on the super quick.  they are the first step in the general direction of redecorating bedroom space.  since it looks like i won't be moving, i have decided to direct some of my (limited) funds at pulling my eclectic sleepin space together.  

before it was sort of silvers/greys/really light purples, but then beckett's beckettness made my calvin klein duvet look dingy and gross so now i'm ready for a change.  maybe earthy world traveler organics?  or colorful bohemian?  or menswear stripes and clean lines?  i'm going in wildly different directions, obvs.  which is why i wasn't allowed to buy anything while in indy.  too indecisive.  

one thing i did this weekend was rediscover a love of beer after enjoying an icy newcastle last night with some organic pizza + pineapple.  and tonight i totally dug an even icier peroni with veg chili and cornbread.  and, ooh, made this super simple giada recipe that is shaved raw zucchini with blanched and bias-cut asparagus, lemon juice, olive oil, and shaved parm.  salt pepper and garlic, natch.  (think it's called 'zucchini and asparagus cruda' on  had that with some stonehedge cab and leftover pasta and it was tres awesome.

this week i'm making another souffle (yayys, i found a way to like and use extra eggs) which is so awesome with baguette and green salad.  other menu possibilities include veg stir fry, some kind of halibut creation, and sarah's recipe for ribolita.  and chocolate dipped macaroons b/c i get so cranky when there aren't sweets in the house.

yeah, pretty clear why my dissertation isn't getting done.  directing all energies toward some kind of winter nesting ish.  i did write two sentences of chapter number three today.  one of which is probably good enough to keep.  and, right, i'm not done with chapters one or two or nothing.  just got bored of them.  proud of me? 

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