Monday, March 30, 2009

snows in almost april?

haven't been to chicago in forever, and the one weekend i go, it gets snowzy all over my car and rains slimy ice rains all over me and my kickass black sandals.  but being frozen to our baby little bones didn't keep me and sarah from searching out all kinds of secret awesome cocktail wonders for the bach weekend in may.  our recon mission went well and hotel is SWEET and we have some lovely things planned for the cali visitors.    

i also got to go to sarah's first dress fitting and that was so pretty and intimate feeling that it made me want to cry for the prettiness of it all.  plus i learned things like, it's harder than you think to find a bra for a wedding dress, you might get a heart attack when you see how much people want to charge you for a veil, and cute little eastern european middle aged seamstresses can be oddly sinister.  also learned that there is a ton of shame and expectation waiting for any bride-to-be. really, the fact that sarah had yet to purchase a bra sent almost every lingerie lady into facial hysterics and verbal admonishing.  why does anyone give a shit?  i won't even describe the story ordeal sarah explained abt the invitations. the whole industry scares the crap out of me, really.  tho i find myself drawn by unspeakable forces toward bridal magazines...

anyway, saturday was grand and sunday was fine and monday is pretty lame (but isn't that just how that particular progression of days often ends up?).  i get my chapter draft back from director tomorrow and she's already told me i need to work on isolating my thesis.  oops.  guess it's time to focus the brain waves toward the future.

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