Monday, March 16, 2009

okay, list time

it's 2:32am and i just finished another dissertation abstract.  so here's what i finished this weekend:

- four proposals for mla 2009
- one proposal for pamla in san francisco, nov 2009
- one abstract for bilsland fellowship
- one abstract for lowe fellowship

and before that, i did

- one pgsg travel grant application
- one year-long prf application
- one chapter draft

now i want to die (of boredom, as you probably do after reading this list of exceedingly boring things).  but the boredom isn't over yet!  tomorrow i work on the celanire paper that i have to give on thurs.  ack!  

no wonder i turn to garden salsa flavored sun chips.  siiigh.

if i don't get any of these stupid things to work out, i'm gonna faceplant in a pile of sunchips and i won't come out until someone gives me a god damned grant for something.

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