Tuesday, March 10, 2009


super major writing day ended up resulting in approx 2 pages of new material.  not fab, not fab at all.  there was more progress in the organization department tho, with things coming together in a better way and making more sense generally.  or that's how it looks at 1:30am with some brain burnout happenin.

i think my problem is that writing this damn thing just seems too big to me, emotionally and in the real, writing scope of it all.  i feel like i have this well of thoughts and ideas and stuff just jammed all up in my insides and when i sit down at dissertation.docx it wants to all come out at once like a monster jumble vomit of everything i ever thought.

no wonder i want to listen to girls screaming like maniacs and rapping abt shooting a bunch of shit and not caring abt their bad reputations.  

okay, i feel like the old thinker box is stalling out and that i should guide it off in the general direction of temperpedic (sp?) pillow.

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