Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fish tacos and fail

well, the fish tacos turned out awesome.  my best so far, if i do say so myself.  the rest of the day was pretty much shitfest disappointment barrage.  no year-long prf, no bilsland, no success on the chapter draft.  felt lost at sea for abt half an hr.  started my period.  cried.  spent the rest of the night making fish tacos and accompaniments.  drank a beer, took a benedryl, feelin better.

i think i'm just feeling the strain of a kind of wonky semester.  and even tho i know better, i have the tendency to get my hopes up abt things i apply for -- which is how the concept of spring rejection was born in the first place.  but, hey, it's not spring without a little rejection.  keeps a girl humble.

now it's time for a solid 8 of sleep before going to something called 'turbo kick' with raves.

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