Sunday, March 22, 2009

beautiful break

so a lovely spring break was had and now i'm exhausted.  and not ready to start school again, but whatever.  

the conference in orlando was fun and sorta scary and beautiful weather, long workouts in nice hotel gym, lounging by the pool and ordering room service.  and i ate mahi mahi two days in a row, so i'm officially a fish eater!  woot.

went out yesterday evening and drank stella artois at nine irish brothers and then had ENORMOUS margs at el rodeo and then ENORMOUS beers at spurlocks.  the plan was to get smashed on margs and then have a dance party at my house but only the first part ended up happening.  for the best tho since my place is super seriously messy right now.  perhaps i will organize some kind of thing for my birthday this year.  i always say that tho and then i never do it.

there are some very exciting things in the works now, such as sarah's bach weekend in chicago (a 4.5 star hotel in chi for $89/night?  craaaaaazy) and lots of new recipes to try and work to do and life to live and all that.

i feel very sleepy, but very ready for everything that's coming at me.  and happy.  so there's that.  now i gotta walk b, set up coffee maker for the morning and call deese for a quick catchup convo before bed.

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