Wednesday, March 11, 2009


bored.  and yet, still have so much to do.  tomorrow is a day off tho and all of it can be for writing, so that's good.  plus, i went to the grocery store (finallys) and now i have kashi waffles again and that is good because i need them for happiness.  mornings without them are lame, esp because i don't own any other breakfast foods and i end up eating baked lays and a coke zero.

tonight i took my general bad attitude away with some kendall-jackson zin that was on sale and some pasta with zucchinis and tomato sauce. and a little battlestar where starbuck has fallen onto some moon after getting shot down and then she rehabs a cylon raider and then flies back to gallactica but avoids getting shot down again by flipping over to reveal STAR BUCK written in some kind of tape or something on the great big vagina wings of the ship.  oh yeah, those are definitely cylon vagina ships and the battlestar plane guys are for sure penises.  just check it out. it's not even freudian or nothin.  anyway, we all know the good guys are gonna be penis shaped.  it's just the way the world turns, ladies.

so now i stay up for one more hour trying to shove my way into next year's mla convention with really mediocre abstracts.  i've just lost heart, people.  i need to have some fun soon!

which reminds me that i almost totally lost my shit to the sopranos the other day b/c it was the ep where carmella throws a surprise party for her dad after she and tony break up.  but tony comes anyway and it's all big guy grilling food and kids splashing in the pool and the oldies getting drunker and staying up later than they should.  i just totally felt the summer nightness of it all and the family party with too much food and booze, people talking serious in one corner and other people playing games and running around being silly somewhere else.  just missed the liveliness and general warmth of those kinds of parties.  they played marco polo in the pool and tony and a.j. threw carmela in the pool and she cursed at them in her jersey accent and all.

i need a summer party.

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