Thursday, February 26, 2009

you've got to feel it deep and leave it all on the floor

or so said some old blues guy.  i've been trying to take it as my motto these days, but it just hasn't been one of those weeks.  more like, feel bored and leave it half done to finish tomorrow.  or, feel it halfsies and then leave it to drink half a bottle of wine on a thursday and space out in front of the compy.  will try to get some blood back up in my veins this weekend.

feeling inspired by the world's last domino which i'm reading in tiny doses like some kind of strung out addict.  anyway, esp into the 'decorating in yr 20s' section with the dude who doesn't own bookshelves but didn't eat for a few weeks so he could afford some whacked out gilded eagle console table.  well i say yes to that!  meanwhiles he's got an unmended hole in his drywall next to a bunch of poshed out art biz.  clearly i have not made it into the 'decorating in yr 30s' where you move in with the loved one and wrangle over the co-mingling of yr disparate design aesthetics.  

eh, i'm always going to love the not-quite-finished, the sorta brokedown, and the fancy-shit-next-to-my-cactus-shaped-beer-opener-magnet.  plus, my The Loved One has excellent home furnishings that would fit almost seamlessly (weirdly so, even) with my own well considered possessions.  when it comes time for that, of course.

somehow lost my school inspiration.  hopefully to be regained.  until then, it's my fraction of domino and vino tinto.  and the collection of weird statements by little known european designers? 

“i’m always looking for sexiness…sorry, soul.” -- alfredo haberli

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