Sunday, February 22, 2009

today was a hangover recov day after staying out longer than i needed to at brick alley with the mfas.  fun tho and nice to see everyone.  tess gave me an awesome hand massage, i had a nice top-25 albums of all time discush with stephen, drank too many guinness, watched some dudes co-write poetry in a spiral notebook, bumped into adryan, jamie, and win and chatted with them for a bit, and just generally enjoyed the loveliness of the girl poets.  seriously, i didn't know america made stunningly beautiful poets anymore until i got to purdue.  they're hot.  all of them.  really.

made some thai-style sea bass and black rice tonight which i liked the taste of, but i did not really dig the texture situation.  it had tons of herbs, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, lime, a little sesame oil and some red chilis.  it just turns out that sea bass is a little too slimy for me.  halibut is the leader so far, i think.  piling up all the ingredients was fun tho.  and black rice is pretty chic as far as yr rices go.   

i have a little hangover euphoria now, so i'm feeling good abt the upcoming week and life in general.  i'm especially in looooooove with charlie parker, i got to hang and lounge all over david today (who i'm also so wildly smitten with, i daresay even more than charlie parker!) and i ate some macaroons after dinner.  gonna check out some apartments this week, exercise like a little health girl, and make some dissertation progress.  happy.

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