Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sick sickness

is lame.  today is better than yesterday what with the hotcolds, the skinaches, and the throatburns.  today certainly had those things, just to a lesser degree.  hopefully tomorrow will be even better.  here's to hoping.

and on tuesday, which was the worst so far of the sick sickness, i still managed to get a lot of stuff done on a breezy dayquil haze.  that stuff really chills me out.  i was in some kind of tidying zone, you know.  like, stuff that would usually irritate me or gross me out was like whatever! no prob. 

guess i'll have to keep a lid on it this weekend.  it's no mystery why i find myself coldridden after a big night out on the town.  guess the old 32 year old immune system doesn't fight off college kid germs the way it used to.  i feel like keeping a lid on it this weekend anyway.  the most appealing thing to me right now is going to the movie theater, cuddling up with the bf some popcorn, some diet coke, and some kind of artificially flavored gummy candy.  yesssssss.  

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