Saturday, February 14, 2009

really, not a cloud in the sky

but that was yesterday.  sparkling blue skies, cloudless climes.  today is nothing but clouds -- and the return of frigid weather.  but i drank some coffee, graded papers, listened to bird and diz at carnegie hall, reheated some gruyere n chive souffle and ate it with 100% whole wheat english muffins and some tomato.  so not all bad.  plus, tonight, pretty baby and i head out on the valentine's day errand of watching some 'my bloody valentine' in 3d at the local theater.  or, in case he's still not feeling well (cuz he got my gross cold), there's prom night, red vines, and lite popcorn at home.

in a little bit, i will put on some opera's number one hits and cook up some pasta with spicy red sauce, a little toasted ciabatta and pour myself a glass of coppola claret.  then i will stare blankly at the conference paper i'm working on until my eyes loll back in my head and it's time to go the movies. 

or i will have a breakthrough and write a tremendous commentary on the intersection of time, the fantastic, and caribbean colonial experience!

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