Saturday, February 14, 2009

a personal call to arms!

is this article on literary love i found while procrastinating* tonight.  obviously, tito and the nails needs to happen, even if only for myself.  hermanito, also think about the article since i think we have similar goals here.

* so, it's kind of not procrastinating, because my new favorite thing to do when i can't write my conf paper is make syllabi for dream classes that i want to teach.  i'll have to talk about them/show the syll when i'm on the market anyway.  so, last night it was 1950s american lit class (wine inspired title = enCOUNTERCULTURE: literature of the american 1950s) and tonight it is roman d'amour: wild, obsessive love in world literature.  i'm also coming up with reading lists for an american version and a british version depending on what kind of j.o.b. i end up interviewing for.

i think spending the bulk of my valentine's researching great literary loves is perfectly fitting and, actually, deeply satisfying.  yes, i am NERD but i know what IT is and i know TIME and that everything's FINE.

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