Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mostly daydreams

around here these days.  with a spattering of actual work to turn the daydreams into reals.  like sent the celanire paper off in a mad midnight rush to have a chance at winning an award.  don't have high hopes, but you can't win if you don't play, right?  same for the prf, same for the string of paper proposals i will send out for mla next year.

i'm in maje work obsession mode, obviously.  which makes for stupid blog posts since all i can think abt is school and work and papers and professional development and dream jobs most of which prolly won't even exist by next year.  but i believe in daydreaming.  i even browsed craigslist for apartments in san francisco, just because it gave me hopes and stars.

finishing up their eyes on friday and then moving on to ceremony.  i read the last few chapters of their eyes in my office today while listening to billie holiday and drinking a coke zero and totally choked up when janie had to shoot tea cake.  seriously watering eyes and all.  even though it's embarrassing to cry at work and i'm glad no one saw me, it's probably good that i'm moved to tears by what i'm getting paid to talk about.  i almost cried in class the other day when i played 'strange fruit' too.  maybe i need to get it together over here.  

nah, anyone with any kind of soul will cry at strange fruit.  esp the live version from 1945.    

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