Wednesday, February 4, 2009

little bounce in the step

now that the observation situation is over with i feel relieved and lighter.  everything else seems not so bad.  prof had suggestions and hints but was generally complimentary and kind which was much appreciated.

man, i'm already looking forward to weekend.  i hope to have dinner date night with david and maybe some cocktails out and about.  i still feel a little stir crazy.  i don't know what needs to happen exactly, but i can tell it's on the horizon.  

looks like trip to chi could include listening to spanish guitar with vicks which would be so totally awesome and great, i think.  i'm also dying to try violet hour and green zebra and just hang out at w. brompton with coffee and cable tv.  i am feeling so weirdly restless and in need of something BIG that my brain starts at tattoos and ends at long weekend in barcelona. 


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