Thursday, February 19, 2009

let's sort this hell hole out

i have some serious sillies happening inside of me.

been cracking up all night over this yahoo news story abt a woman sleep emailing.  and then giggling like crazy over the comments abt ambien-induced craziness.  one person woke up with his/her hands full of half-eaten twizzlers.  anyway, the lady sent out some party invites that read:

"Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out.  Dinner and drinks,  Bring wine and caviar only."

now this is a party i can get behind.  i hope she still throws it.  i seriously cannot get rid of the giggles.  it reminds me of high school when dee and i would eat too much candy at lunch and get hysterical.  man, there must be too few reasons for me to laugh these days.  

this weekend: mission silliness.  i gotta get some of this out.

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