Monday, February 2, 2009

healthy week!

off to bad start with the enjoyment of some junky candy type food while watching gossip girl this evening.  will be better tomorrow and those following days.  i am not especially in the mood for this week b/c there's lots of work stuff in it.  but come friday, i will be able to cross a few items off the old list o' shit i need to finish.

wore the frock today, bumbled over another 50pp of kerouac, did swisher to gossip girl (terrific activity), and looking forward to a few french martinis at bistro whenever i can get over there next (another terrific activity).  dunno why i enjoy bistro's bar so much.  perhaps it's that it's small and not pretentious and not really bar-like.  it almost reminds of this little hotel bar in s'agaro that was very hemingway and broke down elegance and charming.  but since bistro has substituted various rooster decorations for charm, it's not quite a match.  at any rate, they have nice martinis and i'm into it.

will start planning a little trip to chi soon to lift some of the grey haze of winter that's hanging over my heart.  for reals, the dirty snows all over the ground and the gloompot grey skies are starting to seep into my insides and make me deeply BORING and MOODY and GENERALLY MALAISE-Y.  so, eff that.  off to chicago for kicks with sunny blonde sarah and bustling city vibe.

maybe i should buy this desk set!  from iomoi!  i've always thought i deserved a bamboo pen.

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