Sunday, February 1, 2009


it's 3 am and i'm half drunk but not really fun drunk in any kind of meaningful way.  the party i just left was a'ight.  it was actually still going pretty strong when i left which says a lot b/c i NEVER leave parties early.  i got bored and felt irrelevant.  and didn't feel like trying to be relevant.  not really what a girl looks for in a party.  i missed my boyfriend and my dog and i had talked to all the people i felt like talking to so that was that.  dissatisfied, generally.

jamie's movie party on fri was nice tho.  tapas and wine and books stacked everywhere and vicky cristina barcelona on projection and general people milling, happiness &c.  then i drank too much wine and cornered the poor projection dude, asked him his favorite movies and then proceeded to insult his choices.  standard.

it was nice to see folks, tho i think i put too much emotional fun pressure on raven.  she's delightful and one of the few people i find interesting in this town.  but i think i've come to expect her to entertain me in some ways and that's some serious bullshit on my part.  if i can't be fun and funny and good to be around on my own, i can't try to hire it out.  

so it's time for jb to get more interesting and to stop being half-assed.

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