Thursday, February 5, 2009

did you bury your fire?

yes, sir.

got the old tom waits goin as i try to focus on writing papers.  instead i'm daydreaming abt writing stories.  and playing around on the faceybook.  maybe after i finish a tiny little blog post, i'll be more motivated.

things i've learned from gossip girl:

* i should wear more sequins
* if i ever accidentally kill someone i should tell right away
* lying is dumb because it always catches up with you (but it can be the basis of every episode of an entire season of television)
* snotty, affected boys who wear pink are oddly fascinating
* if you want to appear snotty and affected, you should squint a lot
* i didn't know it, but i always secretly wanted blake lively's hair
* sometimes it's essential to wear bright tights with mismatched headbands

which brings me to a universal truth that i've been trying to do without knowing that i was doing it (relatively unsuccessfully, but whatever, gotta start somewhere):

unexpected combinations are the hallmark of true style -- nick olsen, domino blogger

isn't it true though?!  in clothes, in homes, in lovers!  

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