Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ceremony is a pretty beautiful novel.  i wonder what my students think of it.  i like the pacing and the bouncing back and forth through time because it's how tayo is, sort of unleashed and floating from memory to memory, past to present and back again.  but that can be annoying and difficult, especially if you're reading for school which is usually an impatient reading and not the slow, nice kind where you can hold questions in your head and wait quietly for the author to answer them.  i'll find out tomorrow and friday what the student-friends think.  

today i did swisher to the sopranos.  sopranos is its own kind of genius and ideally suited for exercise, imo.  it's prolly a tie between sopranos and gossip girl for my favorite.  this might say a lot about my character, but i'm too lazy to push any harder on that thought tonight.

been feeling lazy, a little slow feelin, a little like blah.  but these things come in waves and soon it will be spring and spring break time and then the life will start to come back out of the ground and i can start my daydreams abt cold beer outside at a cafe somewhere and floating on the lazy river at tropicanoe.   

but now to getting my coffee ready for tomorrow morning and to the issue of livingetc that is waiting good-naturedly on my nightstand.

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