Tuesday, February 3, 2009


kt informed me that domino mag has gone under which is a serious style bummer to me.  i'm ready to grassroots somebody's ass and start fundraising.  for reals, some of my favorite recipes, favorite pairs of shoes, and favorite pieces of jewelry have been domino suggestions.  not to mention the home stylez.  so there's heartbreak in indiana tonight.

plus i have to get observed tomorrow while teaching my last day of mr. kerouac.  feh.  i'll probably be able to forget she's there once i get up and running, but it's still kind of a drag.  i prolly should have scheduled it for later in the semester so that i could be more smooth instructor or whatever.  at least this way i get it over with early.  plus, it will be easy for her to come up with simple suggestions!  like, "why don't you try stringing a fucking sentence together?" or "how bout eliminating 'sort of like' and 'whatever' from yr winding monologues?"  
anyway, it's either time to prep myself for constructive criticism or handwrite my entire lecture/discussion from start to finish.

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