Tuesday, January 27, 2009

we won't stop

for reals, how can it only be tuesday night?  i'm so tired!  and so in need of a martini!  i want a french martini with a lemon twist from bistro 501 ahorita.  guess i have to wait.  there is a party this weekend and i am feeling the party already.  i did zero last weekend apart from readin and writin, so i'm feeling like i might end up being a little terror on saturday.  will try to keep it together.  mostly so i don't have a sunday hangover.  there's nothing as depressing as a sunday hangover.  esp when it frickin looks like communism outside.  everything's all grey and dirty snow and mid-70s depressing ass buildings.  feh.  

and, you know, i always think i want trouble when i get in moods like this, but when trouble actually comes i don't want it at all.  maybe kooky antics is what i want.  i should stop listening to le tigre before i start getting all 90s riot grrrl or whatevs.  but i can't stop!  i'm obsessed with the BBC evening sesh of hot topic:

Stop, don't you stop! 
Please don't stop
We won't stop!

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