Monday, January 26, 2009

spirit is a hard, tough baby

still haven't found the knack of teachering.  feel very stumbly and uneloquent in class these days.  sorta scattered, out of breath, jangly.  but i'm going to make some tweaks, some changes and see what comes.  i think i'm out of practice and i also forget that the first time you teach anything (read: the first time i teach anything), it goes sideways on you from time to time.

not that i didn't have fun with kerouac's opening day today.  i just keep thinking i could have done it better, more artfully, more mad drunken Americans in the mighty land, you know?  i want so much to be good at this and to convey the right info with the right vibe.  guess it's good that i have (potentially) a lifetime to get rockin.

got a reprieve on the celanire front!  deadline for the conference award was pushed to feb 15 sted feb 1.  which means i might be able to edit frankenpaper into maybedecentpaper.  i need to win some shit and put a party dress on the old cv.

also, i put one more paper flower on the string lights.  so, i've got that art thing covered.

for good night, let's look at aston martin's 2009 one-77.  it has a v12.  i drive a honda crv and it has a v4.

i find the older aston martins sexier (obvs), but this guy is a monster.  i think purdue wouldn't know what hit it if i could speed demon v12 myself to campus in the british batmobile here.

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