Saturday, January 24, 2009


how'd it get to be 1:30 almost and i've had hardly any fun and done hardly any work?  that's just not saturday night appropriate.  i've got a draft of my prf application ready tho.  that's something.  and i watched one video on the beats abt new york in the 50s.  kinda lames.  will watch another tomorrow and try to make the lecture better.  will also write that damn celanire paper.

well, no wonder i've had no fun.  all i can think abt and write abt is work.  and i only got six paper flowers on my twinkle lights before i got tired and stopped.  so now there's a windy string of fairy lights on my kitchen table that will probably sit there for a week gathering dust.  unless i can get motivated tomorrow!  feeling good, tho, feeling good.  and totes planning a whole course on 50s fiction.  i think that counts as fun.  i caaaaaaaaan't wait until i'm a real professor.  it's getting closer.

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