Friday, January 30, 2009

i totally bought a frock yesterday

it has a scoop neck and crinoline even.  it is waaaaaay too sweet for the current 'bored girlfriend of a beat poet' look that i'm striving for but it was half off at anthro, so i couldn't help myself.  it may be too poofy for a party appearance this weekend but i will certainly be teaching in it come next week, below-freezing weather or no.  i do consider it a part of my job to give the kids at least something interesting to look at while i'm up there rambling in bizarre half sentences.  wink.

half of them hate on the road which is to be expected, i think.  it's plotless and rambling and you can't blame them for feeling frustrated with the meaningless quality to both sal and dean's choices.  plus there's the fucked up gender stuff and queasy love problems.  but i think there are a few (mostly dudes, a small smattering of ladies, and me) who still want to live in it, fight with it, writhe against it, and wake up next to it in the morning.  

maybe i'll put it in my purse this weekend and be a maniac in its honor.

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