Monday, January 19, 2009

i need more arty bohemia in my life

i realized this fact when i almost bought this feather headband online last night:
a girl doesn't go looking to put feathers on her head unless she is in dire need of some artsy sensibility.  i opted for a hammam style towel which was on sale and is infinitely more practical while still having whimsical tassels.  tho maybe that practicality thing is what got me looking at erin barr headbands in the first place...

i suspect it's also this lack of art that was behind my craving for revolution cafe, etc in san francisco.  grungy with hipsters, yes, but still with some god damned style and a dash of the old double bird to stuffy prim richy rich commonplace baloney.  i want to be careful abt giving art cred to what is potentially a bunch of posers, but i'm so hard up around here i can barely tell the difference anymore. 

the bigger question, i guess, is what a student/teacher in the humanities is doing living in an art-free zone.  and i guess the big answer is that i've gotta take some responsibility and start arting it up myself.  in my work life and my personal life.  to that end, i'm going to open myself up to all kinds of potential mockery and sneering cynicsim by nerding it up big time this week in great american books.  we're talking about beauty and the remarkable and how awesome words are and why people need fiction even if i see eyes lolling to the back of heads and doodling in notebooks.  double bird to cynicism!  double thumbs up to letting people see you genuinely like something!

re: art in the personal life, don't know.  framed and hung some old vintage style postcards of hawaii in my upstairs loo.  that maybe counts?  this week i will also make some paper flowers for a string of twinkle lights like they have at bon.  will brainstorm some more ideas.

oh!  i did successfully cook and eat fish!  steamed halibut with marsala wine, lemon juice, and capers over whole wheat spaghetti with basil, lemon and garlic.  pretty good tho the halibut turned out a little chewy, i think.  this week is poached salmon with minted new potatoes, a dill-dijon sauce, and watercress.  if cooking isn't art, i don't know what is.  

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